Friday, August 20, 2010

Behind the Mask of Death

Today I want to let you know I'm going to run my increasingly popular class; "Behind the Mask of Death" again on September 18th from 1-5! If you have heard of this and wanted to attend, here's your chance. If you haven't heard of it and are curious, the details are below.

I want to tell you that my intention with all of my classes and workshops is to create more
safe and sacred opportunities in which to contemplate our thoughts and feelings about death. That is my passion, my calling and my joy.
I've been a ritual guide for over 25 years and an artist most of my life. This workshop combines the two to illustrate one of my favorite maxims: "Use Art to make Ritual...and Use Ritual to make Art"™. To this end,we use collage techniques, and I provide simple mask shapes so there's no 'artistic training' necessary. There's real possibility for healing, for transforming fears and regrets, and for experiencing deep peace around the death of someone you love. When we take the risk to look 'behind the mask', and we're sitting in sacred space together, witnessing and supporting each other, amazing things can happen. Deep truths are accessed when we simply give our minds and hearts the space to open up and be with the discomforts of facing death. Anger, mirth, curiosity, grief, yearning, despair, all these and more combine to create a whole that is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Quoting from my flier:....
"In sacred space, we’ll invoke the power and mystery ‘behind the veil’, and make our own simple masks that reveal what our Wise Self believes about the transition we call Death. Then we’ll journey together, following the sound of the gongs, and return with a gift from the beyond. Sitting in circle, we become a council of beings who have grown more curious, and less fearful, about the transition we call Death. In closing, we’ll witness and share the gifts of insight we have received."

I hope you're intrigued. Find more information and register HERE.
I'd love to take the journey with you! Bye for now...~Marian

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