Monday, August 17, 2009

Over My Dead Body~Through the Portal

Hello Friends,
Long time, no post... It's been a very busy summer at A Fine Farewell. I've got a new website! Please visit . You'll find more photos, more information and resources as well as links to upcoming events and classes.
Something I've been working on most recently is an art installation designed to inspire people to (of course) think differently about Death. It's happening in what was once a retirement home which is slated to be renovated into live/work spaces for artists. The event is called "The Manor of Art" and houses 100 installations by 100 local artists. If you're local, stop by! Info at . It's open all week, through the 22nd. Here's what the Portland Mercury had to say about it...
"Possibly the most fitting show for an old retirement home, Marian Spadone is displaying her biodegradable burial shrouds and caskets. Using two rooms and the connecting hallway, Spadone takes on death as a transition, "using organic materials to create a quiet, earthy meditative environment in the first room while the hallway will feature a lighter tone, leading to a room that suggests how a 'home funeral' might play out." While many artists take on death and the spiritual, Spadone does so directly, without hesitation, bringing calmness to the transition."
The exhibit features a beautiful new shroud I've made (I'll post a picture this week) and I've had lots of opportunities to do what I to people and hear their thoughts, feelings and stories about Death. I get to be there all week! Drop on by.
Thanks for checking in. Blessings to all of you.